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"good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. thanks for being with us on this tuesday, july 19. i am pamela brown. >> i am scott thuman. we will check with oscar wilson for the roads. but first, adam caskey. everyone watching the temperatures climbed. >> if it will take off as we go into friday in particular. from thursday afternoon thru saturday afternoon we could be around 100 degrees. let's get to the radar. an area of thunderstorms in eastern ohio and western pennsylvania moving, and to west virginia and clipping parts of western maryland. here's a closer look. cumberland a light morning shower. parts of eastern west virginia
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and western maryland will get some morning action. the rest of us will have storm chances later on today especially early this afternoon into the evening. 80 degrees in washington downtown 77 in leesburg, 77 in gaithersburg -- 73 in gaithersburg. now to breaking traffic. that's right. colesville road still sat down between franklin and sligo creek parkway. there was an earlier accident around midnight. -- still shut doen. -- shut down. they are diverting people on to georgia avenue. no major delays besides that. the beltway at the american legion bridge, running smoothly. 270 doing well.
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in anne arundel county, there was a report of an overturned vehicle on 97 southbound at route 100. running clearly in springfield. back to you. >> thank you. we are following breaking developments in the crash along colesville road. a police cruiser and a car collided it's at the intersection with sligo creek parkway. the driver of the car had to be cut from the vehicle. the officers and the other driver suffered non-life threatening injuries. breaking news from northwest washington. police investigating a deadly shooting. a man was shot in the head at georgia avenue and randolph street after 3:00 this morning. he died of a scene. police have no suspects or motive in the shooting. we are following the unrelenting heat wave making headlines across the nation. temperatures across the
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midsection of the nation are expected to soar well past 100 degrees. \relief is still days away. >> jummy olabanji is live in northwest washington with how people are coping here. >> good morning. at dupont circle it is already 81 degrees before sunrise. people across our area for the past couple days has felt like they were sweating and this is just the beginning. >> we were sold out by 10:00 yesterday morning. >> at this hardware store in arlington, fans are flying off the shelves. people are strivingtrying to stay cool. >> i thought it was 100 degrees. >> by thursday it could feel like 100 degrees. >> i feel like i'm taking another shower.
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>> locally we are not even bearing the brunt of these brutal temperatures. in the west, heat warnings and advisories were issued in nearly 20 states. the heat index was 190 yesterday in minnesota 120 in south dakota, for 126 in iowa. in oklahoma they are dropping ice into the swimming pools. we don't expect temperatures to be anything like that in our area officials are asking people who are outdoors for the next couple days to drink plenty of water and scriptwriter stay indoors if they can. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. another giant dust clouds in phoenix last night. it reduced visibility and delayed flights. the storm cleared after about an hour. it was not as dangerous as another dust storm earlier this month that turned sworn pulls
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into - 6 -- that turned swimming pools into mud pits. the house is scheduled to vote today on a tea party-back plan. that would allow the government to borrow for another 2.4 trillion dollars but only after a big budget cuts, a spending cap, and the adoption of a balanced budget amendment. president obama says that he will veto that bill. the loudoun county board of supervisors today is expected to vote on a plan that could lower the costs of the dulles rail project. the proposal by the u.s. transportation secretary would require the airports authority to reverse its decision and support an above-ground station. it would also require loudoun and fairfax counties to assume millions of dollars in those costs. 5:05 on this tuesday. the guardian angels are taking action.
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>> today they will be along the metropolitan branch trail beginning today. this comes after a robbery since may. the group will join stepped up police trails in that area. critics stepped up police patrols. the you see someone suspicious, keep your distance and then contact police. 7 is on your side with confirmation of a new type of crash avoidance system to reduce low speed rear end crashes. the highway loss data institute released a new study that looked at 2010 volvo's outfitted with a crash avoidance feature. the vehicles were far less likely to be involved in low- speed crashes than other midsized suv's without that system. 76 degrees on this tuesday. >> an end in sight. the nfl lockout could be over as soon as tomorrow. we will have an update on the negotiations.
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time for a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> everyone is talking about the heat.
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>> i do have an answer. it's going to be about 100 degrees thursday afternoon friday afternoon, and saturday afternoon. it will feel like about 112 in terms of the heat index. right now 80 degrees downtown 77 in martinsburg and winchester. west of interstate 81, a few showers dropping down from western pennsylvania and eastern pennsylvania. in cumberland there's a shower. romney and petersburg will see rain showers this morning as well. there is produced from complex moving north to south into west virginia and western maryland at this time. our atmosphere locally is not conducive to thunderstorms until this afternoon, right after lunch time. we could seek thunderstorms popping up at that time and they would become more numerous into the mid to late afternoon. if there could be large hail and
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possibly damaging winds. 101 degrees by friday. pool whether -- weather with sunshine. now to the commute. we still have colesville road closed in both directions between franklin and sligo creek parkway due to the accident from last night involving a police cruiser. crews are still on the scene. emergency vehicles are still on the scene. that stretch of road is to be avoided. they are diverting people want to georgia avenue. if you can avoid that road, that is recommended. headed to 270 running smoothly. headed to maryland in anne arundel county, 97 southbound at dorsey road there's an overturn vehicle. and 340 eastbound tora, blocking
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the westbound flood plainleft lane as well. springfield, things are running smoothly. as you make your way down 95, that is. back to you. >> thank you. 5:12 on this tuesday. >> coming up, keeper textbooks. how college students can save a bundle this fall semester. another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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checking our top stories part of route 29 in silver spring could be closed for several hours because of an accident investigation. an officer on his way to call collided with the vehicle at the intersection with sligo creek
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parkway. both suffer non-life threatening injuries. another day of extreme heat. triple digit temperatures and people are doing all they can to stay cool. 20 states are under heat advisory is today. it's been blamed for as many as dozens of? -- of deaths. an air-traffic controller was drunk on the job. he works at a facility responsible for the airspace over several western states. he's in rehab and could eventually return to work. d.c. mayor vincent gray is defending himself against new allegations. the washington post review finds his campaign accepted cash donations above the legal limit. it's as his campaign workers improperly exchange that cash for money orders which carry a higher donation limits. the workers allegedly reported a money order donations and not
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the cash. rupert murdoch will be in the house say today -- will be in the hot seat today. he faces tough questions from british lawmakers over the phone hacking scandal. ben eisler is following the latest developments from the satellite center. >> the questions will focus on the phone hacking scandal allegations that people at news corp. tabloids packed into the phones of celebrities crime victims, politicians, and members of the royal family. murdoch go before 10 members of the house of commons and the questions will likely go hard and fast for an hour. he will not testify under oath and will appear most likely with his lawyers that didn't turn to for advice. the goal is to get him to save things that he will have to stand by. questions will likely surround his influence around the british government. david cameron had 26 meetings with rupert murdoch's
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executives, more than twice the number with any other media organizations. david cameron just cut short his trip to africa after his top and his deputy became implicated in the scandal and resigned. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized and i said was made with information that was incomplete. i acted on the vice of executives and lawyers with an incomplete investigation. that is a matter i regret. >> a man who helped blow the whistle on the scandal was found dead in his home yesterday. it is not currently believed to be suspicious. ben eisler, abc 7 news. the space shuttle atlantis is on its final trip back to earth after its final visit to the international space station. >> atlantis weighs anger from
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the international space station for the last time. >> it left the station a few hours ago after dropping off some supplies. as a final salute, the complex was rotated to provide never before seen views. the shuttle program will end when atlantis lands in florida early thursday morning. looks like charlie sheen is planning its prime-time comeback. the actor is shopping a sitcom based on the 2003 big screen, a "anger management." he was fired from his top-rated cbs sitcom. he says "it might be a big stretch for me to play a guy with serious anger management issues." from tv to hitting the books, college students could have a new way to save this fall semester. >> rob nelson has those stories and more. >> good news for students. amazon has announced a digital textbook rental program.
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users can buy access to tens of thousands of textbooks for sex amount of time and up to 80% off the purchase price. for apple android, and microsoft windows devices included. a mystery case file, latest installment of a point and click adventure, engaging story lines. cal expo you are given a list of items you have to find in each picture. this is challenging but not exactly stressful and you are not saving the earth from alien invasion. this is something you can do and relax at the same time. >> "mystery case files" its $30. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> the heat index making it feel much worse.
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>> 112. >> that's what it will feel like by friday afternoon. >> i will be indoors in the air conditioning. >> all of us will be. all of my air conditioners are broken two cars and the one in the house. we have areas of storms moving north to south right now from western pennsylvania and eastern ohio into west virginia. storms popping up in central west virginia. there atmosphere is a little unstable this morning. our atmosphere is very stable this morning. this afternoon it will become unstable and we will have showers and thunderstorms just after lunch time, lasting close to dinnertime as well. there's a shower in morgantown moving southward. in cumberland the area of yellow crossing over the border with
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pennsylvania, that's moving in to town as a moderate showers. in garrett county and there are moderate showers dipping yen. petersburg in its sights romney as well. -- moderate showers dipping in. this tropical storm bret is moving away from the u.s. and should continue falling apart. 80 degrees downtown right now 80 in annapolis. 77 in martinsburg, 75 the dulles record. hot and muggy day, mid 90's for the high temperature. strong to severe storms possible shortly after lunchtime today. heat and humidity. 101 degrees on friday. traffic is doing ok. colesville road still sat down between franklin avenue and sligo creek parkway due to the
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earlier accident involving a police cruiser. -- still shut down. avoid that stretch. 270 running smoothly. there were a couple accidents on 340 eastbound, that a shutdown. 97 southbound has an overturned vehicles on the right shoulder. watch out for that. back to you. >> thank you. 5:22 on this tuesday, 76 degrees. >> houston, lift off. the nationals launching a moonshot. >> today on "oprah," a visit from an old friend. dr. field returns at 4:00 on abc 7 -- dr. phil.
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good morning. the nationals are playing in houston last night in baseball. it climbed back to the 500 marwick a -- 500 mark with a 5-2 win. an easy score. the national's lead 3-2. brian zimmerman there. nationals win. the baltimore orioles brought in
5:26 am
this guy. how about that motion? it was a tough spot of with the bases loaded and facing veteran pedroya. everybody's running. the red sox went on to beat the orioles, 15-10. have a great day. 77 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead, are you ready for some football? the lockout could be over in just a matter of days. >> plus, a disappointing new chapter for borders. the book chain is going out of business. >> we already have storms off to the northwest of the metro area this
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead the crippling heat takes hold in the nation's midsection. for the washington region, the worst is yet to come. good morning, washington. tuesday, july 19. i am scott thuman. >> i am pamela brown. adam caskey has a check on the forecast. the big deal is the heat wave. >> that's the big headline for the end of the week. already a few storms far to the northwest of our metro area, mainly in west virginia, pushing southward into central west virginia.
5:30 am
and western maryland. cumberlands has a light to moderate showers moving north to south. that's clipping the panhandle of west virginia and moving into the panhandle of maryland. you know what i'm trying to say. 80 degrees downtown. mid 90's this afternoon, hot and humid. scattered storms. not everyone will get them. when they do pop up, they could be strong to severe with gusty winds and large hail possibly. some storms could start as early as after lunchtime. 101 degrees by friday. now stuart oscar with a breaking traffic -- now to oscar. colesville road shut down between indian spring drive and sligo creek parkway. originalists, it was shut down
5:31 am
at franklin. american legion bridge, no delays. 270 looking pretty good. starting to pick up a little. a couple accidents in maryland. 340 eastbound after 17 blocking all the eastbound lanes. 97 southbound at dorsey road, overturn vehicle on the right shoulder. back to you. >> thank you. following breaking developments in the crash on colesville road. a police cruiser and a car collided at the intersection with sligo creek parkway. the car driver had to be cut from the vehicle. the officer and the other driver suffered non-life threatening injuries. >> you can stay up-to-date on this incident as well as the traffic situation everywhere by logging onto our website >> media mogul rupert murdoch
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is about to face tough questions from british lawmakers over the phone hacking scandal surrounding his british newspapers. his son james and former executives rebekah brooks are expected to testify as well at today's hearing. debt talks continue daily and neither side is giving up hope. >> but democrats and republicans seem to have made, little progress in getting over the obstacles. the house could vote on a republican plan as soon as today. >> after another day of debt talks and no deal the market sent an unmistakable message. stocks tumbled nearly 100 points. setting off a modern-day gold rush. >> the same concept of taking the money out of your market and putting it under a mattress, investors are taking it out of the market and putting it into gold.
5:33 am
the university of texas put $1 billion of its endowment into gold. still president obama is hopeful. he is still holding out for big deal $4 trillion in spending cuts. >> the president believes we should push for the biggest possible deal. >> if still republicans and democrats agree they will keep negotiating to meet the august 2 deadline. >> we will stay in session every day. >> every day monday through sunday to get this problem effect. >> if all else fails, there's a plan that will let the president raised the debt ceiling by himself, but that plan does not cut the deficit so could still cause ratings agencies to downgrade the nation's credit. there are strong signs that the nfl lockout is about to end. lawyers for both sides met for eight hours in new york yesterday to try to close a
5:34 am
deal. players' representatives from each nfl team will meet in d.c. tomorrow to discuss details of the latest contract proposal. >> possibly, depending on how close we are or what we think about the proposal, it could possibly be put to a vote. >> that was george wilson, a player representative for the buffalo bills. he says there will not be the schedule the players want and that their well-beingill be a. rookie salary tomorrow a senate committee will hold a hearing on the current marriage laws and dianne feinstein oppose the bill. a similar effort is underway now in the house. loudoun county leaders will vote on a proposal to control the cost of the dulles rail project.
5:35 am
the airports authority could requirchange their votes on the project and loudoun county and another county could assume more of the cost of the project. a big honor for johns hopkins hospital. >> if it has taken the top spot for the 21st year in row. and it ranks first in five medical specialties. they include neurology and zero surgery, -- neurology and other areas. brianne carter has the latest in traffic. >> route 29/colesville road at sligo creek parkway.
5:36 am
that is where the road is closed. they're not able to turn onto colesville road northbound or southbound. the police cruiser that was involved in the accident remains on the roadway at this hour. accident reconstruction teams are expected out here to investigate this and then to get this cleared up as quickly as possible. it will have an impact on the morning rush. police tell us this started around midnight. police say that one of of their officers responding to all and the vehicle that was struck, two people in that vehicle as well as the police officer in the cruiser reports were all taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. traffic remains blocks --
5:37 am
blocked and police remain on the scene. traffic is backing upper on on sligo creek parkway because they are not able to turn. find an alternate route. reporting live, brianne carter, abc 7 news. 76 degrees. >> still ahead, at least five attacks on a local trail. now one group is taking action. we will have a live report.
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we are with the pulmonary hypertension association. it's one of the most misdiagnose diseases. to learn more, visit us online. >> good morning, washington. tuesday morning 5:40. a little action far northwest and west of the metro area. if we are just getting clipped by a cluster of thunderstorms that was farther to our western parts of ohio and pennsylvania. excluding pennsylvania west of hancock, maryland, along 68. , is getting clipped. this is dipping south into west
5:41 am
virginia. romney and petersburg will see the showers as they continue moving south. most of the lightning and thunder are west of morgantown, west virginia. locally, partly cloudy, 80 degrees. 72 in manassas, 75 in frederick, 79 in hagerstown. if 77 in cumberland,. hide and muggy this morning. where the storms happen this afternoon, they could be strong to severe. mid 90's tomorrow, hot and muggy. now to breaking traffic. colesville road in both directions between lakes and avenue -- layton avenue and sligo creek parkway is shut
5:42 am
down. on 95 things are slowing down at the occoquan and a slowing from lorton to newington. in virginia on 66 westbound at glebe road, there is construction. stay to the left to get past that. back to you. >> thank you. 76 degrees, 5:42 on this tuesday monopod. >> in business news, the end of the story for borders bookstores. what is next for the chain and its local locations? >> temperatures are rising across our what makes the sleep
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tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. welcome back. tuesday morning. part of route 29 in silver spring could be shut down several hours while police investigated overnight crash. a police cruiser collided with a
5:46 am
car at the intersection of -- and with the intersection of sligo creek parkway. president obama says progress is being made on a debt reduction deal. this comes as the house prepares to vote on a bill to raise the debt ceiling in exchange for budget cuts spending cap, and a balanced budget amendment. the president says he will veto it. a year after being forced from her job, a former agriculture department employee's lawsuit against conservative logger returns to court. she sued him after he posted an edited video of her making what were supposedly racial remarks. , a heat wave is be much of the nation. 20 states are under a heat watch warning or advisory. that stretches from texas to ohio. in our area it's going to get
5:47 am
even hotter, so brace yourself. jummy olabanji is at northwest washington with a look at how people are coping. >> already it's a very muddy -- muggy 80 degrees at dupont circle. the temperature will go up even more. if it will feel like 100 degrees by the end of the week. people across our area of our try to stay cool already. yesterday at a hardware store in arlington they were already sold out of spock stands. pe-- of box fans. 20 states are under heat warnings and advisories. it's the worst they've seen in 20 years. crippling harvests and impacting people's health. there was a heat index of 116 degrees in minnesota yesterday. it was even higher pin iowa yesterday -- in iowa.
5:48 am
officials are asking folks over that's couple days to stay indoors is possible and drink plenty of fluids. jummy olabanji reporting from dupont circle. police spy looking for the gunman holding up joggers on a d.c. del and the guardian angels are taking action. -- joggers on a d.c. trail. officers say if you see someone suspicious, keep your distance and contact police. a man suspected of murdering a prince george's county mother and daughter has been convicted on all charges. jason scott was found guilty of carjacking theft, and other charges in connection with a series of commendations and burglaries. faces nearly 100 years in prison. the schedule to go on trial in
5:49 am
november for the 2009 murders of a mother and daughter. >> d.c. superior court officials are revamping security procedures after an accused murderer if escaped last week's. james brewer swap id bracelets with and other inmates and then walked out of the courthouse. he turned himself in 24 hours later. there was tight security when he appeared in court yesterday. alexandria city attorney will update the media today on plans to redevelop parts of the waterfront in old town. they will discuss the city's efforts to require public right- of-way on lan connected to the extra. that's next to the old dominion boat club. a lightning strike interrupted last night's yankees game against the braves. lightning hit near an electric substation and the knights hit
5:50 am
the yankee slugger's bat. he simply grounded outs when play resumed. >> they play indoors. >> it was enough to give them a scare. >> absolutely. >> we need to be on alert today for thunderstorms. >> we keep our little lightning character on our radar display. it's on the upper right-hand side of the screen. and on you can see that. i will show you the lightning in a moment. first, the and the strong complex is moving north to south, especially in southwestern pennsylvania and moving to west virginia. western maryland as well. cumberland is getting a lot of showers to start the day. the total amount of lightning
5:51 am
strikes within this view is 160. a few positive strikes here and there. there is the yellow shading showing moderate rainshowers pushing north to south and moving into west virginia, approaching romney and petersburg thereafter, moving southward. west of interstate 81 we have areas of rain this morning. there's a weakening system continuing to fall apart over the next couple days tropical storm bret, moving away from the united states. maximum sustained winds of 50 miles an hour, gusting up to 63. looking at these temperatures. 80 degrees in the district already this morning. 77 in frederick, 79 in hagerstown. 72 in culpeper and 76 in quantico. mid 90's today, hot and muggy.
5:52 am
not everyone will get storms. those that do, they could be strong to severe with possibly large hail and gusty damaging winds. 101 on friday. it will feel more like 112 with the humidity. we still have colesville road shut down between leighton avenue and sligo creek parkway. you want to avoid that stretch. you are being detour onto georgia avenue. if you have to go down there you will be toward -- detoured. 95 northbound, slowing at the occoquan river. and again from lorton to newington. expects a slow trip up there. back to you. >> thank you. sprinkles cupcakes taking its competition to court. and a sad chain of events adds
5:53 am
borders may lead to thousands of job losses. >> linda bell is live in new york with more. >> good morning. closing out sales at borders could start as early as this friday. the bankruptcy hearing set for this thursday approved the sale of the bookstore chain to liquidation specialists. if approved, the final chapter would include closing the remaining 400 stores employing 10,000 people. and google, the department of justice and the federal trade commission will split their responsibilities. so under the arrangement the justice department's antitrust division will review any planned acquisitions while st. ftc will conduct an investigation into the company's dominance of internet search. -- the ftc. pink sprinkles is being sued by sprinkles cupcakes because of
5:54 am
the similarity in names. the chain said that it tried to resolve the issue amicably, but was not successful. live and bloomberg headquarters, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. 5:53,
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a museum dedicated to telling a story of slavery in america will not be built. >> it was supposed to open in 2007 in fredericksburg, but the 38-acre site now belongs to the city because it's a quarter million dollars in unpaid taxes. the city treasurer says he has not heard from the museum's founder doug wilder about the project. >> he should be held accountable. you cannot keep sweeping it under the rug. >> we would much rather have had the museum. >> wilder did not correspond to a letter from the city treasurer of this week and he did not return our phone calls. the city of fredericksburg plans to put the museum sites up for sale. it's appraised at almost $8 million.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead -- a crash involving a police cruiser and problems for the morning commute. >> brace yourself -- temperatures are climbing and the worst is yet to come. >> rupert murdoch's about to face tough questions about the phone hacking scandal involving his newspapers. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.

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